What We Do

We will help you answer most important research questions – Just ask the market!

New SPEED Research Services

In Opinions.ie we conduct new SPEED research services that are fast, nimble and innovative.

Due to our own online panel, advanced technology and research experts, we are able to provide specific survey research with very quick turnaround, focus on achieving response target, showing results in easy to understand form of report.

Our Speed Research gives immediate insights, is cost effective and supports clients in meeting very tight deadlines. We need only few days to collect needed responses from our panel on almost every topic and provide our clients with final results.

In less than a week we can collect up to 500 nationally representative responses for such research as: short surveys, TV commercials testing, Website usability testing, Brand awareness verification, Ad message understanding, Customer satisfaction testing and many other.

Online Research | Access to Panel

Opinions.ie online panel is currently composed of approx. 10,000 members, with a high level of response and low churn rates. The panel allows us to run an array of quantitative projects including general market opinion, brand and media property trackers, website usability testing, attitudes and behavioral research. We also use our survey platform to conduct research among client sourced audiences.

Panel members are constantly being recruited and are incentivized to participate in online surveys as well as virtual focus groups. We developed our own management system and we have a dedicated panel manager who maintains the panel to the highest quality standards.

Digital Omnibus

Opinions.ie Digital Omnibus is a monthly, syndicated, online survey of 1,000 adults in Ireland, quota controlled to ensure it is nationally representative. It is a snapchatting survey for our clients, who add only small number of questions they want to ask and share their cost with others.

The Omnibus survey is a fast, cost effective way to conduct research on wide variety of subjects. On completion of the Omnibus we provide a dataset or a full report of the selected questions.

Survey Design and Analysis

We provide assistance in survey design according to customer’s needs. We specialize in following types of surveys:

  • Market Segmentation
  • Customer Purchase Analysis
  • Customer Attitudes and Loyalty
  • New Product Concept and Acceptance Analysis
  • Competitive Product and Market Positioning
  • Advertising Media and Message Effectiveness
  • Sales Leads Generation
  • Customer Service and Satisfaction
  • Brand Tracking
  • System and Website Usability
  • Prices Setting Surveys and Elasticity of Demand Analysis

We carefully analyze collected data and present results in easy to understand graphic formats. We provide our customers with expert recommendations and advise on post research approach.

Traditional and Virtual Focus Groups

We provide recruitment and moderation for traditional focus groups, virtual focus groups, and user testing. Qualitative research is focused on gaining relevant deeper insights that can stand on its own or compliment a quantitative project.

In our team we have experts highly specialized in qualitative research, moderation and interviewing. We offer traditional focus groups as well as in-depth interviews with participants recruited from our panel or customer’s leads.

Virtual focus groups utilize the benefits of online technology to deliver time efficient, cost effective and a highly targeted research to meet the requirements of qualitative market research digitally. Participants can be based anywhere in the world and only need a webcam and microphone to participate. We also offer telephone interviews.

Market Research Consulting

Opionions.ie provides clients with accurate and in-depth consulting services with thorough analysis and research facilities. Our team, with high experience in market research, guarantee that our clients receive expert consultancy and senior level attention at every level of the research project.

We offer customized research services to our clients across the industries. We study various segments of the market and deliver high quality market research reports as per the requirements of our clients. We ensure that our consulting services help you in addressing the growth challenges and required parameters with tailored methodology.

Opinions.ie consulting solutions are based on rigorous research and in-depth analysis provided by the core industry experts to offer highest quality solutions to our clients. We are a partner and advisor during the entire project and after its completion.

Web usability testing

Opinions.ie conduct wide range of Website Usability Testing Methods to ensure our clients’ websites are user friendly in design and interface and to help increasing its user satisfaction. We evaluate different aspects of website by testing it on users.

We carefully construct a scenario wherein a person performs a list of tasks that someone who is using the website for the first time is likely to perform and advice on changes that should be made to increase user satisfaction. As with any form of website testing, usability testing is an ongoing process, we advise our clients to run tests regularly to ensure the highest website performance.

For websites and systems testing we use traditional solutions or a mix of eye tracking tools generating heat maps, gaze plots, consumer journey and user experience (UX). Eye tracking technology already used by Opinions.ie can be used together with a variety of research methods including observations and the System Usability Score (SUS), introduced by OPINIONS.IE to Ireland for Three Mobile and other clients.

Mystery shopping

Mystery shopper services are an independent assessment of your operating procedures, code of conduct and your customers’ real experience.

Opinions.ie mystery shopping services help our clients efficiently and effectively measure their customer service delivery program. Mystery shoppers (secret shoppers) act as real customers, evaluating the store and interacting with the staff. Our mystery shopper visits or phones selected sites as a potential client and rates their experience across predefined criteria agreed with client company.

All findings are supported by factual data and the mystery shopper’s subjective opinion will be recorded on each report.