SustainabilIty@ OPINIONS

We are investing to achieve verified Net Zero in 2022.  We have implemented a number of initiatives underpinning this endeavour including travel and commuting supports for staff, office and energy-based efficiencies.  However, we are particularly excited to announce Opinion’s native Irish tree planting programme delivered in partnership with Hometree  https://www.hometree.ie/  that will see us planting over 1,000 native trees this year in West Clare.  



We are so excited that we have created a new logo to support this.


This is an industry first and we will give our online panellists, group participants and interviewees the option to plant trees in lieu of their regular incentives if they wish to boost the impact of the programme.

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Our partners in supporting our sustainability inititaives are Hometree  https://www.hometree.ie/

and our Local Enterprise Office in Dublin City through their Green for Micro programme https://www.localenterprise.ie/Green/Green-for-Micro.html 

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