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Updated: Jul 24, 2020

These last few weeks have seen unimaginable change happen across the world at a blistering pace. The stakes are high; it’s a matter of life and death. But people selflessly and voluntarily curtailing their liberties and placing every aspect of their lives on hold for the greater good is phenomenal. We have had to adapt and change and as time moves forward and we inevitably emerge from this pandemic, it will be fascinating to see what behavioural changes persist beyond the crisis; electronic payments, scratch-cooking even social distancing, who knows. In much the same way businesses too have been forced to adapt against their will. Here at Opinions it has meant having to adapt to new ways of working, tailor our solutions to the new world and curtail some of our growth plans for now. We are fortunate in some ways in that our business is native to the online world, which is relatively resilient to Covid-19 and that we are a small and nimble organisation. However, while “business as usual” has been the reassuring refrain emanating from the insight community collectively, I’m sure that that’s quite true. At least not for us. We are absolutely continuing to provide best-quality insight, analysis and guidance to our clients; that goes without saying. We are also continuing to add some new clients and win some new business, for which we are extremely grateful. But in terms of the volume, scale and nature of business opportunities globally there have been significant changes. To that extent it is not “business as usual”, which is of course a challenge. Nonetheless, it is providing us with a commodity that is almost as valuable to a small business as cash; time. Time to reflect on the business, to develop more efficient ways of working, to create new solutions and products, to explore new markets and to invest in building a stronger team. So, while we all hope the Corona pandemic doesn’t persist for too long, as people and as businesses we should try to find the elusive opportunities it presents so that we can emerge even stronger at the other side of this unprecedented crisis. Opinions will be announcing a number of new and exciting developments over the next few weeks that will signal a step-change in our ambitions as we emerge from this period of transformation. Stay well!

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