Some of Our Solutions

We will work with you to find the best solution to address the issue you face; whatever that is.  We build bespoke solutions that that draw on a vast canvas of options including qual and quant, online and offline, local and global ..... Our in house analytics capability is market-leading and our creativity in the development of research and insight solutions is unrivaled.  Here are some of the hings we do, but why not get in touch to find out what we can do for you.  

Brand Research

Brand Health Diagnostics & Brand Tracking

We have a unique philosophy and approach to brand health evaluation and bran health tracking.  Built on 20 year's working with some of the worlds leading brands  we will make sure that you make the right move in the strategic development of your brand.


Building For the Future

Using the power of Design Thinking, we can take you on a journey of discovery from Discovery & Ideation through Concept Screening and Launch Planning

Customer Satisfaction/Customer Experience

Find out what they really think

NPS, NCV, .... We've seen it all.  We are here to help you to understand your customers, your client base or your staff.   We provide powerful drivers evaluation to help you to prioritise interventions. 

Ad/Creative Testing

Understand Media Impact

Test any media (TV, Radio, OOH, Digital) pre-campaign, mid-campaign or post-campaign. Assess advertising and sponsorship awareness and effectiveness.


Getting a Deeper Understanding of your consumers

Using Needs, Attitudinal, Psychographic or Demographic approaches, we have unrivaled experience and a vast toolkit at our disposal for segmentation

Price Modelling

Conjoint and Beyond

We have been at the coalface of the development of price modelling approaches, including conjoint analysis and a variety of other approaches

Analytics Solutions

Getting more from your data

Our team of highly qualified and experienced data analysts can work with our own survey data or other sources at your disposal to build powerful predictive models, segmentation models, drivers analysis and much more.  

Advisory and Consulting 

Facilitating Better Strategy

With a passion for business and strategic thinking, we can work with your organisation through workshops and personal advisory services to help you to do develop winning strategies that deliver.


A full suite of services

Focus groups, mobile ethnographies, mystery shopping, in-depth interviews, online diaries, online communities and more, we use online and offline methods to deliver top quality qualitative research. 

White Label Research

Partnership and Collaboration

We can be your ‘in-house’ research arm. We can run research through our own panel, your customer database or association database, producing reports using your approved template and branding. Our offer is also designed for intermediaries/agencies to buy at wholesale rates and sell at competitive retail rates.

Opinions PANEL

Sample access

Have all the goods just need the sample? We can provide access to our own panel in Ireland. We can also provide panel access outside of Ireland through our panel partners.


SO whether it is for qual, quant, UX or online sampling, just get in touch.